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Co-founder & CVO


FAVORITE PRODUCT: Lavender Lotion! Since the very beginning, Lavender has been my favorite scent. I love this particular lotion + scent combo because its so delicate and light, yet nutrient dense, which keeps my skin nourished while I get my beauty rest.

FAVORITE WEEKEND ACTIVITIES: I love spending time with Bill and our baby Finley - watching her experience the city or wherever else we spontaneously decide to explore!

WHY ZOFIA LIKES WORKING WITH COURTNEY: Courtney is hands down one of the most talented, creative people I have ever met. And she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, always looking out for everyone in the office. She inspires me each & every day!


Co-founder & CEO


FAVORITE PRODUCT: I will always have a love for our bar soap. It's the product that launched Hand in Hand, and the product that prevents kids from getting sick.

FAVORITE WEEKEND ACTIVITIES: Appreciating the small joys of life with Courtney and our daughter, Finley.

WHY HOLLY LIKES WORKING WITH BILL: Bossman Billy (as we call him) has a great knack for keeping everything in perspective. And he's very passionate. That energy is contagious!


Chief Operating Officer

HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh, PA

FAVORITE PRODUCT: Citrus Grove Sugar Scrub! I am obsessed with having smooth skin & nothing works better than our sugar scrub. And the scent makes me feel like I’m in a sunny, citrus grove, which is like, the best thing ever!

FAVORITE WEEKEND ACTIVITIES: Hiking in the woods or biking around the city with my husband + dog.

WHY BILL LIKES WORKING WITH ZOFIA: Zofia is positive, optimistic, dependable, extremely driven, tenacious, and innovative.  She always gets it done right. And she's pretty fun to be around too.


Director of Brand Development

HOMETOWN: Olive Branch, MS

FAVORITE PRODUCT: Cactus Blossom Bar Soap! I've always been a huge fan of our bar soaps as they provide less waste & keep me thrifty. I especially love the uplifting red tea & bergamot notes of our Cactus Blossom need for any additional fragrance!

FAVORITE WEEKEND ACTIVITIES: Hiking...preferably with brews in my trail bag.

WHY COURTNEY LIKES WORKING WITH HOLLY: Holly heightens the mood of everyone around her. Her positive spirit (and southern charm) is infectious and her creativity and innovation astounds me every single day! I love seeing the brand through Holly’s bright eyes.


Administrative Manager

HOMETOWN: Tinton Falls, NJ

FAVORITE PRODUCT: Sea Salt Sugar Scrub! It works like a charm to add a delicate layer of soothing moisture to my sensitive skin. It has a tingling, refreshing sensation that I can't get enough of!

FAVORITE WEEKEND ACTIVITIES: Being fully in the present, whether I'm dancing, making art, doing activism, or going on an adventure. Taking my camera wherever I go. 

WHY ZOFIA LIKES WORKING WITH LORELLE: Lorelle is genuinely the nicest person! Whether she is checking in on what we are up to over the weekend or talking with our customers, you know Lorelle truly cares about what you are saying and listens to you with an open heart. Her activism for our planet and animals is also inspiring! 

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