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Co-founder & CVO


FAVORITE PRODUCT: Lavender Lotion! Since the very beginning, Lavender has been my favorite scent. I love this particular lotion + scent combo because its so delicate and light, yet nutrient dense, which keeps my skin nourished while I get my beauty rest.

FAVORITE WEEKEND ACTIVITIES: I love spending time with Bill and our baby Finley - watching her experience the city or wherever else we spontaneously decide to explore!

WHY ZOFIA LIKES WORKING WITH COURTNEY: Courtney is hands down one of the most talented, creative people I have ever met. And she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, always looking out for everyone in the office. She inspires me each & every day!



Co-founder & CEO


FAVORITE PRODUCT: I will always have a love for our bar soap. It's the product that launched Hand in Hand, and the product that prevents kids from getting sick.

FAVORITE WEEKEND ACTIVITIES: Appreciating the small joys of life with Courtney and our daughter, Finley.

WHY HOLLY LIKES WORKING WITH BILL: Bossman Billy (as we call him) has a great knack for keeping everything in perspective. And he's very passionate. That energy is contagious!



Chief Operating Officer

HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh, PA

FAVORITE PRODUCT: Citrus Grove Sugar Scrub! I am obsessed with having smooth skin & nothing works better than our sugar scrub. And the scent makes me feel like I’m in a sunny, citrus grove, which is like, the best thing ever!

FAVORITE WEEKEND ACTIVITIES: Hiking in the woods or biking around the city with my husband + dog.

WHY BILL LIKES WORKING WITH ZOFIA: Zofia is positive, optimistic, dependable, extremely driven, tenacious, and innovative.  She always gets it done right. And she's pretty fun to be around too.



Director of Brand Development

HOMETOWN: Olive Branch, MS

FAVORITE PRODUCT: Cactus Blossom Bar Soap! I've always been a huge fan of our bar soaps as they provide less waste & keep me thrifty. I especially love the uplifting red tea & bergamot notes of our Cactus Blossom need for any additional fragrance!

FAVORITE WEEKEND ACTIVITIES: Hiking...preferably with brews in my trail bag.

WHY COURTNEY LIKES WORKING WITH HOLLY: Holly heightens the mood of everyone around her. Her positive spirit (and southern charm) is infectious and her creativity and innovation astounds me every single day! I love seeing the brand through Holly’s bright eyes.

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