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  • NEW Haircare!

    New Hand in Hand hair care has the power to sustain both people and planet. Our plant-based hair care features regenerative plant oils & butters from around the globe, is sulfate & paraben free, and color safe & suitable for all hair types.

  • In a world full of challenges, soap is our superpower.

    We founded Hand in Hand on the simple belief that personal care products, when made the right way, could be a force for good in the world.

  • Buy One.
    Give Back.

    We didn’t start a business to make personal care products. We started it to make a difference. In 2011, millions of children were dying each year from water-related illnesses that could be prevented with hand washing alone. So we got an idea: what if we could create a soap that could also save lives? With that, our BUY ONE, GIVE BACK program (and company) were born.

  • Soap is power.

    What if soap could do more than smell yummy and look pretty? At Hand in Hand, it does. By making the right decisions on everything from our supply chain to our packaging, something as small as soap can have a powerful impact on both people and planet.

  • I’m obsessed with their rainbow of colorful options 😍 the soaps are gently fragranced, and are vegan, cruelty and palm oil free!


  • We switched to bar soap several years ago to reduce our plastic waste. We love Hand in Hand for the lovely scents, the compelling mission 🌎, and the fact that it is palmoil-free!

    — Heather

  • Exquisite soap and packaging with a genuine purpose! I have been spreading the love with giving bars to family and friends to try and telling them about the mission! 😊

    – Courtney LaMountain

  • It's without a doubt my favorite soap. I love the new aluminum bottles that hold the hand soap. They just look beautiful too for your home. They make such great gifts 🎁, especially now! Highly recommend!

    — Dedra

It all began with a bar of soap that gives back.

Back in 2011, we learned that 5 million children die each year from water-related illnesses that could be prevented with simple hand washing alone. That gave us an idea. And a purpose.

Our Story

Our belief is simple. Soap is power.

What if every time we lather or moisturize, it was a chance to do some good in the world? What if soap could fight human rights abuses, plastic pollution and climate change? Hint: It can.

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