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What if soap could do more than smell yummy and look pretty? At Hand in Hand, it does. By making the right decisions on everything from our supply chain to our packaging, something as small as soap can have a powerful impact on both people and planet.


The power to give back.

A portion of every purchase directly supports our global mission to provide communities access to soap, clean water and hygiene education. To date we have donated over 13 million bars of soap and helped build new clean water wells in over 23 countries.


The power to support human rights.

Unlike most personal care brands, we never use palm oil. Ever. Not only does the palm oil industry destroy rainforests and habitats, it is also responsible for rampant human rights abuses, inflicting cruelty on its workers and their and communities.


The power to fight plastic pollution.

As one of the first brands to use infinitely recyclable aluminum in our packaging, we are always striving for ways to be better, including current development of a bottle pump that is recyclable.

The power to protect wildlife.

All Hand in Hand ingredients are 100% vegan and never derived from or tested on animals. Our refusal to use palm oil also reflects our commitment to protect rainforest ecosystems and endangered species from deforestation and destruction.

The power to sustain people and planet.

We only use ingredients and formulations that are simple, clean and responsibly sourced. If they don’t smell incredible, feel great on your skin AND respect the earth from which they are harvested, then we don’t use them.


Hand in hand, we can unleash the power of soap together.

It will take all of us making better decisions about the products we use if we are going to harness our collective power as a force for good in the world. Our work and advocacy is just getting started. We hope you’ll join us in our mission.

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