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Committed to Palm Oil Free

A Note from Hand in Hand Leadership:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was increased demand for alcohol-based hand sanitizers to help with hand hygiene. Because of this uniquely challenging time, there was a shortage of the ideal ‘Hand in Hand standard’ raw materials needed to make hand sanitizers. We needed to help, and that meant by producing and supplying the market with this necessary product. Hand in Hand elected to use what was available in the supply chain at the time — palm derivatives and other ingredients which are normally on our ‘do not use’ list. We made this compromise because the importance of making hand sanitizers available outweighed ‘sticking to brand standards. This break is temporary, and we have a new formulation which is in line with our other Hand in Hand products — palm free and ‘better for you’ ingredient formulation. Stay tuned for further updates on when this product will be available and thank you for your generous support.



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