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We are celebrating the beautiful diversity of REAL women with our 

#YouGlowGirl Campaign. 

Learn more from our 4 campaign ambassadors below! 


Stylist at Volume Hair Studio

AGE: 25

WHY I LOVE BEING A WOMAN: You know, I saw my mom always having to take care of my dad. But now it’s more equal. I feel like this generation, we are coming up strong. Which is amazing. And we just have to keep on going!

MY INTERVIEW: Learn more about my background, why I love being a woman and what makes me glow. Check out my one-on-one interview HERE!

MY FAVE PART OF #YOUGLOWGIRL: The entire photoshoot day was amazing! It was so inspiring to be surrounded by such beautiful, powerful women and sharing in a celebration of our unique differences. You can tell we had a blast in our behind the scenes video! Check it out HERE!


Student at Temple University's Fox School of Business

AGE: 21

WHY I LOVE BEING A WOMAN: What I love about being a woman is, especially today, the opportunities we have. And being a woman of color, the opportunities that are open to me right now are more than my mom had, than my grandmother had. And that is something I hold dear to my heart. I wouldn’t be going to business school, I wouldn’t be a woman in insurance, if it weren’t for all of the women in history who made that opportunity available to me.

MY INTERVIEW: Learn more about my self care beliefs and thoughts on being a woman in business school. Check out my one-on-one interview HERE!

MY FAVE PART OF #YOUGLOWGIRL: Our killer, all female playlist! It kept us grooving all day long. Check it out HERE!


Business Owner at Bleu Hairouna Essentials

AGE: 33

WHY I LOVE BEING A WOMAN: It took me a long time to get there, but I really do love my body! No matter what size I am, I just learned how to love myself. When I hit my thirties, that’s when I really started to go on a journey of self love. It didn’t happen right away, but by the time I was around 31 I could say to myself, It’s okay, you’re a woman! And it’s okay to feel comfortable. You’re a woman and you’re awesome!

MY INTERVIEW: Learn more about my Caribbean heritage and how I found self love + acceptance in my 30's. Check out my one-on-one interview HERE!

MY FAVE PART OF #YOUGLOWGIRL: Knowing that this campaign was launching on International Women's Day was so empowering! It feels like a true celebration of womanhood. Plus I love the social media cards that were created in honor of this day. Check them out HERE!


Business Owner at Habithèque

AGE: 44

WHY I LOVE BEING A WOMAN: Thank god I’m a woman! There is a sisterhood that is very unique among women. There is this closeness to nature and the earth and this inner caring and empathy that exists among women and I just love to cultivate that.

MY INTERVIEW: Learn more about my thoughts on being a strong woman. Check out my one-on-one interview HERE!

MY FAVE PART OF #YOUGLOWGIRL: I'm so excited for this contest featuring prizes from local female owned businesses! Plus, it's so encouraging to know that a brand wants to hear from their customers about female empowerment! I'm looking forward to hearing what other strong women have to say. Check out the contest and how to enter HERE!


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