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Staff Spotlight: Zofia Wolicki

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What’s your role at Hand in Hand?

I am the Chief Operating Officer of Hand in Hand, which basically means I manage our day to day operations that keep the business running!

What is your favorite part about working for Hand in Hand?

My favorite part about working for Hand in Hand is the team. We are very small and very close knit. This makes work a fun and enjoyable place to be, even when it gets crazy and stressful. We all know each other so well and are very supportive of one another, both at work and in our personal lives. It’s really a dream situation in a dream job. I love it!

What is your proudest moment at Hand in Hand?

I have two. First would be my very first trip to Haiti in 2014. The experience of meeting the kids we help and traveling around the beautiful country was life changing. My other proudest moment at Hand in Hand was definitely when we got into Target. Personally, I am obsessed with Target and it was so exciting to see our products in stores last holiday season! The opportunity opened up our brand to so many new customers and allowed for us to make an even greater impact in Haiti through our soap and water donations.

What do you like to do on your days off?

On my days I off I like to go hiking and biking with my husband and dog, check out new restaurants and beer gardens popping up in the city and work on craft projects (most recently I’ve gotten into weaving).


 If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?

An E! News Corespondent for the Oscars Red Carpet because I love movies, celebrity culture, and I want to ask better questions

What are you currently reading/listening to/ watching?

Reading: I’m currently reading The China Study, which is the most comprehensive research ever conducted about nutrition.

Listening: Childish Gambino and the Hamilton soundtrack because I am never not listening to Hamilton. I am also obsessed with the How I Built This podcast!

Watching: Orange is the New Black (one episode left!) and House of Cards. Netflix rules.

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We didn’t start a business to make personal care products. We started it to make a difference. In 2011, millions of children were dying each year from water-related illnesses that could be prevented with hand washing alone. So we got an idea: what if we could create a soap that could also save lives? With that, our BUY ONE, GIVE BACK program (and company) were born.

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